Sophia Jane Craine-Goulden

man-193Read here about Sophia Jane Craine-Goulden who was born in Lonan, and was also the mother of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Sophia was probably a miner’s daughter and most definitely a passionate feminist. Like most things Manx she was clearly very influential.

New authority of Garff

Garff map

Welcome to the website for the new local authority of Garff created by the merger of the former authorities of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold. The new single Garff authority will continue and extend the work we have been doing over recent years under the Garff Joint Initiative to deliver services with increasing effectiveness and efficiency.  A key aim of Garff Commissioners will be to maintain the quality of service expected by the residents of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold.

Further material and other improvements will be made to the website over the coming weeks.