Ramsey Boundary Review Public Inquiry – Monday 22nd January

The Public Inquiry into the proposal from Ramsey Town Commissioners to extend the town’s boundary into parts of Maughold and Lezayre gets underway at the Park Hotel in Ramsey next Monday the 22nd of January. The Inquiry opens at 10.00am and runs for three days. The proposal to extend the boundary into the south area (which includes the Maughold land) will be considered first on Monday morning. The full timetable can be viewed in the image below:


Garff Commissioners set the Local Authority’s Rate at 168p for the Coming Financial Year

Garff Commissioners have announced hat its local authority rate for the forthcoming financial year will be set at 168p, an increase of 10.5% from the current rate of 152p. The Fixed Refuse Charge will rise to £189 from the current £171.

For an average Garff property with a rateable value of 164p the rise equates to around £3.68 a month – for those paying on a monthly basis it is equivalent to £44.13 over the full year.

The budget that the Board has approved reflects the significant increases in inflation experienced during the current year and anticipates a similar level of inflation in the coming period.

The December 2022 CPI inflation figure was 7.4% and clearly this has caused pressure on the resources of the local authority as on all public and private organisations.

It is the view of the Board that the budget they have agreed will ensure the financial integrity of the local authority going forward and will also allow the current level of services provided to continue to be maintained and developed for the benefit of ratepayers.

In addition to inflationary pressures, many of the Authorities costs are beyond the control of the Board. Some charges such as the EfW tipping fees are set by central government, whilst others charges, such as levies for the civic amenity sites are set externally by separate committees. Directly contracted service charges such as the refuse collection, hedge-cutting, and road-sweeping services are set by either negotiation or tender.

Please note: the Commissioners have also been advised that Manx Utilities will be raising their water and sewerage charges by 10%. These figures also appear on the Treasury Rate Demand which will be issued in May, but monies collected for these services are paid directly to Manx Utilities by Treasury.

Latest Planning in Garff Sheading – to be considered by the Commissioners 20.10.21

The latest lists of Planning Applications relating to Garff Sheading are listed below. Links to the individual planning applications as detailed on the Government Website are also provided. These applications will be considered by the Commissioners at their meeting on the 20th of October 2021.
21/01145/B Keayn Reayrt, Croit E Quill Road, Laxey, Erection of rear garden terrace, rear first floor balcony and window / door alterations.
21/01175/B Cliffside And End Café, The Promenade, Laxey, Variation of condition 1 of approval for Demolition of existing dwellings, garage and outbuildings and erection of four dwellings (PA 17/00006/B) to extend permission for a further 4 years.
21/01181/B 1 & 2 Mount Sayle, Port E Vullen, Maughold, Conversion and extensions to create a single residential dwelling.
21/01184/B Cruachan, Highfield Drive, Baldrine, Lonan, Alterations and erection of extension to existing dwelling and erection of a detached garage.
21/01194/B Isabella Cottage, 24 Mines Road, Laxey, Installation or replacement slate tiles to rear elevation (retrospective).

Local Authority Elections

A call to all!
Why not stand as a candidate in the Local Authority Elections taking place in April this year?
The opportunity to represent your local community as an elected Commissioner is both a huge privilege and a great responsibility.
Good democratic decision-making needs local politicians who reflect the range of experiences, insights, connections and networks that exist in their local communities. The most effective Boards are ones that have Members from a wide range of backgrounds, whether, caring, engineering, business, or agriculture, etc.
It is important that anyone from any walk of life feels encouraged, empowered and confident to step forward to make a difference in their community.
There is one particular area of under-representation at all levels of our democracy on Isle of Man. The ratio of women to men in elected positions is very low: in the House of Keys the ratio is approximately 80% male and 20% female. This ratio is also reflected on the current Garff Board.
It is important to encourage all candidates irrespective of their sex, but in these circumstances, and with women making up just over 50% of the population, these are facts that are worth noting and perhaps addressing – as is being done elsewhere in the UK and Ireland. Countries like New Zealand and Finland are great examples of how balanced representation aids democracy…and remember Lonan was the birthplace of Sophia Goulden! One of the most important influences on universal suffrage, and on the suffragette movement itself.
Go on, take the challenge, and stand this April.

New authority of Garff

Garff map

Welcome to the website for the new local authority of Garff created by the merger of the former authorities of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold. The new single Garff authority will continue and extend the work we have been doing over recent years under the Garff Joint Initiative to deliver services with increasing effectiveness and efficiency.  A key aim of Garff Commissioners will be to maintain the quality of service expected by the residents of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold.

Further material and other improvements will be made to the website over the coming weeks.