Following yesterdays Covid 19 briefing we have been in contact with the Commissioners’ Refuse Collection contractor, Kinrade Bros. Haulage.
As a consequence of yesterdays announcement, this update and request for assistance is being issued to residents:
– Reducing direct staff contact with waste materials –
The aim of the following measures is to ensure that the roundsmen are able to mechanically ‘tip’ the maximum amount of waste. This will reduce the amount of times they are asked to come into direct hand-contact with waste bags and materials.
The principal refuse vehicles have remote ‘tipping’ facilities, whilst properties in remote areas (or areas with narrow lanes, etc.) are serviced by a much smaller vehicle which does not have ‘tip’ facilities. This means that staff have to handle the waste by hand.
Please note the following if you live in a property serviced by the small vehicle:
1. It is vital that your all your refuse is enclosed in bags that are sturdy and fit for purpose. Please continue to bag securely and ensure that the bags are tied firmly and not punctured. It would assist further if double-bagging occurred.
2. For the duration of the current emergency, where possible, we are requesting residents to leave their wheelie-bin beside a road that can be accessed by a ‘tipping’ vehicle. This action will reduce the amount of ‘hand-contact’ that the roundsmen have with waste-bags.
– Side Waste will not be collected –
3. The Commissioners have instructed the contractor that they must not pick up side-bags or side-waste from beside wheelie-bins. If side-waste is put out it will not be collected, however a note will be left explaining that the waste can be placed into the newly emptied wheelie-bin by the resident prior to it being collected the following week.
– Wheelie-bin handles & lids –
4. Please clean your bin’s handles with bleach or a bleach based product prior to and post collection.
5. The Commissioners request that residents ensure that lids on Wheelie-bins are fully down prior to collection.
– Ensuring the current service continues —
All these actions are intended to safeguard the well-being of the roundsmen so that refuse collection can remain resilient and continue as normal throughout this very difficult period.
There are other contingencies that will be put into place if necessary, but the current provision is clearly the best option for delivery of this essential service through the coming weeks and months.
The Commissioners are acutely aware of the pressures, particularly on larger households, but request that every effort is made to compact refuse so that lids are down and wheelie bins do not overflow. Further contingency measures are also being discussed across the local authority and government networks.
Further updates will be issued in due course.
The Commissioners thank you in anticipation of your assistance at this time.

Garff Commissioners: General Service Update – 6th Janaury 2021

Following directions from yesterday Government Briefing and new lockdown measures, with immediate effect the Commissioners office is closed. Officers working from home. Please call 861241, or email Your query will be dealt with promptly. We have permission to attend to urgent practical matters across the Sheading (Laxey, Lonan, Maughold), so please let us know of any problems/issues that it is essential to rectify or make safe.
Public Toilets are open. However, we would encourage Members of the Public to avoid using them unless absolutely necessary; they remain open for the comfort of Key Workers and Delivery Drivers.
Gully checking and cleaning will only occur in critical areas such as Minorca Hill, Old Laxey Hill, Glen Road, Port Lewaigue, etc; if a Yellow Rain Warning is issued by Ronaldsway Met Office. If you do see a blocked gully please report this to the office, see contact details above.
All of our none essential services and projects are suspended for at least the 21 day period.
With immediate effect lockdown protocols have been introduced. This is to ensure the safety of both residents and staff. For further information please contact Julie Mattin on 862307.

Refuse Collection Dates this Festive Season!

Refuse Collection days will generally be as normal throughout Garff this festive season.

The only change will be at those properties that are normally collected on a Friday morning.
The collections in these areas that would normally fall on Friday 25th December & Friday 1st of January will be transferred to Monday 28th December & Monday 4th January respectively.
If your refuse is normally collected on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday you will experience no change to your collection days during the period so please put your bin out as normal. Although collections will remain the same on these days there may be some alteration to the timing of the collection.

Strange Things Afoot in Laxey…

Follow ‘Visit Laxey’ FB page for r updates on the creepy goings on in Laxey during the Laxey Spooktacular 24th Oct – 1st of November.
First and foremost, don’t miss the ‘phantom-tastic’ Ghost Trains running from the Valley Gardens on Sunday 25th, Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November, 1.00 – 7.00 pm.
There’s lots of other Spooktacular events particularly on the 31st as the ‘Spooktacular Fun Day gets underway with the help of some very fiendishly attired Laxey Fire Fighters adding suspense and entertainment alongside a spine-chilling Ghost Walk’ around the village at 5.00 pm. On the day there’ll be lots of other spooky activities and strange happenings as well.
oughout half-term week a Spooky Window Spotting Competition provides lots of interest and will get you and the little ones round the spooky window displays that Laxey’s businesses and wonderful eateries will be putting on – prizes for all who get around the village and take part in the competition!
The week’s eerie atmosphere will be enhanced in the Village Square and Rose Gardens which will be lit and decorated with the ghoulish, the grisly, and the ghastly – with things lurking in the shadows, the gardens will not be a place to walk alone!
‘Visit Laxey’ Facebook page will have a series of announcements of all the activities taking place during the week, including details of a voucher discount scheme running at participating businesses and eateries in the Village!
Don’t forget to tune in regularly to ‘Visit Laxey’ Facebook for all the details of all the strange and creepy goings on!

Maughold Parish Day 25th July 2020

Maughold Parish Day!
As resilient and exciting as ever, Maughold Parish Day is going ahead on Saturday 25th of July from 2.00 pm with the crowning of the Parish Queen initiating proceedings. This will be followed by the usual fun, shenanigans, and high jinx.
There’s Fancy Dress in all categories, Knobbly Knees, etc, followed by sports events for the young people on the Parish Field.
At somepoint around 5.00-ish there’s an interlude for high tea and refreshments in the Parish Hall.
There’s more in the evening from 7.00 pm with a Barbecue and sports events which conclude with the legendary ‘Maughold Head Race’.
of the Island’s Great Community Events – Don’t miss it!

Date for Requisition Meeting Announced

The Captain of Lonan Parish has advised a date for the Requisition meeting to discuss the decision made by the Commissioners to lease the Changing Cubicles to The Shed Company Limited.  The meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Friday the 3rd of July 2020 at the Laxey Working Men’s Institute. The meeting is open to any person to attend.

The Commissioners welcome this further opportunity to reiterate the reasons for the decision made by the Board.

These reasons and the rationale for the decision were recorded in the three documents below:

Summary changing cubicles 16.02.20 in public domain 14.05.20 Amended 16.06.20

05.02.20 Meeting Draft Minutes amended 06.06.20

19.02.20 Public Draft Minutes