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Garff Rates to rise by 4.77% for Year End March 2021

Garff Commissioners have set the local authority rate for the Sheading for Year 2020/2021. At their meeting on the 22nd of January 2020 an overall rise in the rate of 4.77% was approved. Members noted that the currently the annual rate of inflation as measured by CPI was in the region of 2.7%, and that various other external factors had resulted in the need to raise the rate by a further 2%. These factors have included increased charges for refuse collection and disposal services that are above inflation, rises in charges at the two Civic Amenity sites that are above inflation, additional staffing costs as further services and projects are delivered, and the need to budget for the costs of a local authority general election.

In addition, part of the increase will facilitate a modest rise in the financial reserve to a level that is prudent and appropriate for the size of the Authority.

Further details can be obtained from the Clerks’ Office at Garff Commissioners on 861241 or by email


Rate Laxey Lonan Maughold
2019/2020  p/£ 147 112 126
2020/2021  p/£ 148 129 131
Fixed Refuse Change Laxey Lonan Maughold
2019/2020 £ 157 151 136
2020/2021 £ 157 155 148
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