Welcome to the local authority of Garff formed in May 2016 by the merger of the former local authorities of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold.

The Authority is responsible for the delivery of a range of services across the Sheading of Garff including refuse collection, sheltered housing provision, maintenance of hedges and gully pots on minor roads, and maintenance of a wide range of public areas.

Garff News

No Contested Local Authority Elections in Maughold and Laxey Wards

Three candidates came forward in the Garff Wards of Maughold and Laxey. This is the required number and as a consequence there will be no contested elections for Maughold or Laxey residents in these two Wards. The candidates elected in Maughold Ward are: Marinda Fargher, Stan Ryzak, James Smith. The Candidates elected in Laxey Ward […]

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