Thinking of standing in Garff in the forthcoming Local Authority General Election?

Thinking of standing in Garff in the forthcoming Local Authority General Election?  We have nine seats to fill, three each in the Wards of Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold. You can find out more about the roles and responsibilities of a Commissioner in the link to the government document below…better still why not pop in to the Commissioners’ Office at 35 New Road in Laxey and speak to Martin or Pete about what you’d be involved with as a Commissioner. We can also arrange for a meeting with a current Commissioner so that you can really get the full picture.
As a Commissioner you’ll be involved in shaping the future of your community, making sure your community gets the right services, representing the views of local people.
You’ll be involved in engaging with, supporting, and leading your community: it’s a special role, one that involves making often difficult decisions, reviewing local authority and government policy, and bringing forward projects for new public facilities.
If you want to find out more and discuss the role in more detail contact the Commissioners on 861241 or via Martin or Pete will give you lots of information and can arrange for you to speak to a current Commissioner to give you the full picture of what the role entails.

The Great Laxey Brass Band Festival 2021 – A Great Afternoon Out, Don’t Miss it!


Experience the thrills, drama and spectacle of Brass Band Music being played loud and free in the outdoors on Sunday May 30th!
Come down Laxey to hear beautiful, stirring sounds echoing and reverberating around the village throughout the afternoon.
Between 1.00 and 5.00 pm, five bands (Ramsey Town Band, Douglas Town Band, Castletown Metropolitan, Manx Concert Brass, & Onchan Silver Band) will be playing in rotation in three locations (The Mines Tavern, Glen Gardens Pavilion, and the Miner’s Statue) All followed by a big blast off in the Village Square from 4.00 pm when all five bands take to the stage!.
The Jazz Aces will also be entertaining in the Village Square from 1.00 pm Another Great Day Out in Laxey!

Jacks Lane, Maughold, Notice of Road Closure

The Department have advised that Jacks Lane, Maughold, will be closed to vehicular traffic between its junction with the Dreemskerry Road and its junction with the A15 Maughold Road between 9.00am and 4.00pm from 10 May 2021 up to and
including 12 May 2021.
This closure has been requested by Manx Telecom Limited for the purpose of constructing an access box in the carriageway. For queries relating to these works please telephone Manx Telecom on 624624.

Road Closure Notice – Glen Road, Laxey

Please note the communication from DoI in regard to works on Glen Road as outlined in the images attached. As described in the letter the works will commence on May 17th and are expected to be concluded by October 2021. Further details can be obtained via the contact details included on page two of the letter. DoI have advised that the letter will be distributed to residents this week.

21st April 2021 Commissioners Meeting Switched to Zoom

As a precaution, tonight’s Meeting of the Commissioners will now take place virtually following the announcement of further Covid cases earlier today. The public can attend the meeting virtually by requesting a link via email from
An increasing number of Governmental organisations have reverted to virtual meetings including the Planning Committee whose meeting scheduled for next Monday will be conducted on-line.

Better Protection sought for the Kirk Maughold Crosses…


A Requisition Meeting has been called to discuss the “better protection and promotion” of the crosses at Kirk Maughold. The current Cross-House contains a wide range of historically important stone carvings from the 6th to 13th Century, which covers the early Christian period, both Celtic and Norse.

The Cross-House contains an impressive range of  slabs found in Maughold including a carving representing the legend of Sigurd, and Juan the Priest’s Stone which was found in the Corony Valley.

(Image courtesy of Karen Warren | WorldWideWriter mnk  Website:

The meeting is set to take place at Kirk Maughold Church Hall on Friday 14th May at 7.30 pm (subject to the lifting of Covid restrictions).




The Church also contains a large number of historically important Celtic crosses from the early Christian period (6th-13th Century) and the ruins of three keills,

suggesting that it was the site of an early Christian monastery and the main pre-Norse religious community on the Isle of Man.

Nowadays, the crosshouse in the churchyard contains almost a third of all pre-Norse cross slabs found on the Island, including the Pillar Cross which is the only remaining parish cross on the island and depicts the oldest stone-carved example of the three legs of Mann symbol on the Island.

Find out more about the crosses and their context at….

Lockdown and Play Area Closures from 3rd March 2021

Please note that all enclosed play areas are closed now that
a further lockdown has been triggered.
Church Close, Lonan
All Saints Park, Lonan
Laxey Promenade Green
Laxey Football Club, Glen Road
The Corrany Estate, Maughold.
Please follow the latest directives from the Chief Minister and the appeals to ‘Stay at Home’ and observe social-distancing at all times, etc.

Lockdown and Refuse Collection in Garff

Whilst we are in lockdown please assist our refuse contractors, Kinrade Bros. Haulage.
Please note the following to assist the efficient continuity of the service:
The principal refuse vehicles have remote ‘tipping’ facilities, whilst properties in remote areas (or areas with narrow lanes, etc.) are serviced by a much smaller vehicle which does not have ‘tip’ facilities. This means that staff have to handle the waste by hand.
Please note the following if you live in a property serviced by the small vehicle:
1. It is vital that your all your refuse is enclosed in bags that are sturdy and fit for purpose. Please continue to bag securely and ensure that the bags are tied firmly and not punctured. It would assist further if double-bagging occurred.
2. For the duration of the current emergency, where possible, we are requesting residents to leave their wheelie-bin beside a road that can be accessed by a ‘tipping’ vehicle. This action will reduce the amount of ‘hand-contact’ that the roundsmen have with waste-bags.
– Side Waste will not be collected –
3. The Commissioners have instructed the contractor that they must not pick up side-bags or side-waste from beside wheelie-bins. If side-waste is put out it will not be collected, however a note will be left explaining that the waste can be placed into the newly emptied wheelie-bin by the resident prior to it being collected the following week.
– Wheelie-bin handles & lids –
4. Please clean your bin’s handles with bleach or a bleach based product prior to and post collection.
5. The Commissioners request that residents ensure that lids on Wheelie-bins are fully down prior to collection.
– Ensuring the current service continues —
All these actions are intended to safeguard the well-being of the roundsmen so that refuse collection can remain resilient and continue as normal throughout this very difficult period.
There are other contingencies that will be put into place if necessary, but the current provision is clearly the best option for delivery of this essential service through the coming weeks and months.
The Commissioners are acutely aware of the pressures, particularly on larger households, but request that every effort is made to compact refuse so that lids are down and wheelie bins do not overflow. Further contingency measures are
also being discussed across the local authority and government networks.
Further updates will be issued in due course.


The Commissioners thank you in anticipation of your assistance at this time


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Local Authority Elections

A call to all!
Why not stand as a candidate in the Local Authority Elections taking place in April this year?
The opportunity to represent your local community as an elected Commissioner is both a huge privilege and a great responsibility.
Good democratic decision-making needs local politicians who reflect the range of experiences, insights, connections and networks that exist in their local communities. The most effective Boards are ones that have Members from a wide range of backgrounds, whether, caring, engineering, business, or agriculture, etc.
It is important that anyone from any walk of life feels encouraged, empowered and confident to step forward to make a difference in their community.
There is one particular area of under-representation at all levels of our democracy on Isle of Man. The ratio of women to men in elected positions is very low: in the House of Keys the ratio is approximately 80% male and 20% female. This ratio is also reflected on the current Garff Board.
It is important to encourage all candidates irrespective of their sex, but in these circumstances, and with women making up just over 50% of the population, these are facts that are worth noting and perhaps addressing – as is being done elsewhere in the UK and Ireland. Countries like New Zealand and Finland are great examples of how balanced representation aids democracy…and remember Lonan was the birthplace of Sophia Goulden! One of the most important influences on universal suffrage, and on the suffragette movement itself.
Go on, take the challenge, and stand this April.