Laxey is inviting the local community to come along and celebrate the festive season in the village this Christmas.

A number of special events are planned including the return of the popular Laxey Village Christmas Markets, which are taking place this weekend, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November, between 10am and 4pm.

Spread across the village, stalls selling a range of wonderful gifts and tasty treats from local suppliers will be set up at The Laxey Glen, Christ Church, The Laxey Working Men’s Institute and tram station. Festive treats will be available under the tent by the glen and little ones will have the opportunity to meet Father Christmas at the Working Men’s Institute too.

Great Laxey Mine Railway will also be running its Christmas trains between 11am and 4pm on both days, and there will be a craft fair at Cooil Roi Sheltered Housing Complex, Glen Road, on Saturday.

From Friday 3rd December until Tuesday 3rd January, Garff Commissioners, supported by Christ Church Laxey, is also excited to welcome back the 2021 Christmas Tree Parade following the success of the 2020 event. A wonderful array of festive trees decorated by local businesses and community groups will be on display in the church, which will be open for all to enjoy.

There will be a memorial Christmas tree to remember those no longer here, with visitors able to attach a message in memory of a loved one. There will also be an interactive puzzle tree provided by Exit Strategy with the opportunity to win a voucher for afternoon tea.

Martin Royle, deputy clerk of Garff Commissioners, said: ‘We are inviting people of all ages to come and enjoy the festivities in Laxey this Christmas. We have some lovely events planned and the Christmas Tree Parade in particular is set to be a great spectacle – great for families!

‘While in Laxey why not make a day of it and get some Christmas shopping done at some of our lovely shops such as Laxey Woollen Mills, Mother T’s and JJ Ribbons. There’s plenty of tasty eateries like The Shed, The Laxey Glen and Laxey Kitchen for when you get peckish too! We can’t wait to welcome faces old and new to the village this Christmas.’

Latest Planning in Garff Sheading – to be considered by the Commissioners 20.10.21

The latest lists of Planning Applications relating to Garff Sheading are listed below. Links to the individual planning applications as detailed on the Government Website are also provided. These applications will be considered by the Commissioners at their meeting on the 20th of October 2021.
21/01145/B Keayn Reayrt, Croit E Quill Road, Laxey, Erection of rear garden terrace, rear first floor balcony and window / door alterations.
21/01175/B Cliffside And End Café, The Promenade, Laxey, Variation of condition 1 of approval for Demolition of existing dwellings, garage and outbuildings and erection of four dwellings (PA 17/00006/B) to extend permission for a further 4 years.
21/01181/B 1 & 2 Mount Sayle, Port E Vullen, Maughold, Conversion and extensions to create a single residential dwelling.
21/01184/B Cruachan, Highfield Drive, Baldrine, Lonan, Alterations and erection of extension to existing dwelling and erection of a detached garage.
21/01194/B Isabella Cottage, 24 Mines Road, Laxey, Installation or replacement slate tiles to rear elevation (retrospective).

No Contested Local Authority Elections in Maughold and Laxey Wards

Three candidates came forward in the Garff Wards of Maughold and Laxey. This is the required number and as a consequence there will be no contested elections for Maughold or Laxey residents in these two Wards.

The candidates elected in Maughold Ward are:

Marinda Fargher, Stan Ryzak, James Smith.

The Candidates elected in Laxey Ward are:

Aishling Creer, Peter Kinnish, Julie Pinson.

There will be an election in Lonan Ward, in which Lonan residents will have opportunity to exercise a vote (see post below).

Although there will be no election poll in Laxey Ward, successful candidate Aishling Creer has published a manifesto, which is available by clicking here…

Contested Local Authority Election in Lonan – No Contested Local Authority Elections in Maughold or Laxey

Four candidates have come forward for three seats in Lonan Ward. This means that if you are a resident of Lonan there will be a poll on July 22nd 2021.

Alphabetically, the Four Candidates are Mrs Mel Christian, Mr Stuart Clague, Mr Tim Kenyon, and Mr Andrew Moore.

The Commissioners will be publishing candidates manifestoes. Please see below…

There will be no poll for residents of either Maughold or Laxey. Three candidates came forward in each of these Wards; therefore the elections in these areas are uncontested.

Local Authority General Election 22nd July 2021 – Nomination Papers for Garff Sheading

Local Authority General Elections normally take place every 4 years, however due to Covid the 2020 elections were delayed until 2021.

General information about local authorities and elections can be found on the Isle of Man Government Website using this link.  The site includes details of the relevant legislation, guidance for candidates and links to information about local authorities, their functions and responsibilities.

There is also a useful Frequently Asked Questions page which can be found here.

Persons who have declared as candidates for election are entitled to obtain a copy of the Register of Electors for the electoral area which they are standing in.  Guidance on the Data Protection Act as it applies to candidates can be found here.

The form of nomination for local authority elections is prescribed by Regulations.  A copy of the nomination form and instructions for candidates for Maughold, Lonan, and Laxey Wards can be downloaded below and via the Documents tab on the Home Page.

Nomination papers for:            Maughold Here           Laxey Here           Lonan Here

Nomination forms can also be collected from Garff Commissioners’ Offices at 35 New Road, Laxey IM4 7BG, email admin@garff.im or telephone 861241 for further details.


Thinking of standing in Garff in the forthcoming Local Authority General Election?

Thinking of standing in Garff in the forthcoming Local Authority General Election?  We have nine seats to fill, three each in the Wards of Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold. You can find out more about the roles and responsibilities of a Commissioner in the link to the government document below…better still why not pop in to the Commissioners’ Office at 35 New Road in Laxey and speak to Martin or Pete about what you’d be involved with as a Commissioner. We can also arrange for a meeting with a current Commissioner so that you can really get the full picture.
As a Commissioner you’ll be involved in shaping the future of your community, making sure your community gets the right services, representing the views of local people.
You’ll be involved in engaging with, supporting, and leading your community: it’s a special role, one that involves making often difficult decisions, reviewing local authority and government policy, and bringing forward projects for new public facilities.
If you want to find out more and discuss the role in more detail contact the Commissioners on 861241 or via admin@garff.im: Martin or Pete will give you lots of information and can arrange for you to speak to a current Commissioner to give you the full picture of what the role entails.

The Great Laxey Brass Band Festival 2021 – A Great Afternoon Out, Don’t Miss it!


Experience the thrills, drama and spectacle of Brass Band Music being played loud and free in the outdoors on Sunday May 30th!
Come down Laxey to hear beautiful, stirring sounds echoing and reverberating around the village throughout the afternoon.
Between 1.00 and 5.00 pm, five bands (Ramsey Town Band, Douglas Town Band, Castletown Metropolitan, Manx Concert Brass, & Onchan Silver Band) will be playing in rotation in three locations (The Mines Tavern, Glen Gardens Pavilion, and the Miner’s Statue) All followed by a big blast off in the Village Square from 4.00 pm when all five bands take to the stage!.
The Jazz Aces will also be entertaining in the Village Square from 1.00 pm Another Great Day Out in Laxey!

Jacks Lane, Maughold, Notice of Road Closure

The Department have advised that Jacks Lane, Maughold, will be closed to vehicular traffic between its junction with the Dreemskerry Road and its junction with the A15 Maughold Road between 9.00am and 4.00pm from 10 May 2021 up to and
including 12 May 2021.
This closure has been requested by Manx Telecom Limited for the purpose of constructing an access box in the carriageway. For queries relating to these works please telephone Manx Telecom on 624624.