Lonan Refuse Collection Postponed 10.03.23 Due to Snow on Minor Roads

Todays refuse collection will not take place due to the weather.
Residents in Lonan will be most affected anywhere in the vicinity of Ballacannell, Church Road, All Saints Park, Croft e Quill, Ballacollister, Baldrine, Glen Roy, etc. Basically, if you’re due a collection today it will not take place.
The decision has been made following liaison with our contractor. It would be unsafe to put heavy vehicles out today in the current conditions.
If there is an adequate thaw in the next 24 hours the collection may take place tomorrow. A decision will be made either today or in the early hours of Saturday.
The Commissioners apologise for any inconvenience.
Further announcements will be made today regarding contingency measures that will be put in place.
The. Health & Safety of the Public and staff will be the primary factor in all decisions.

Draft Garff Dog Control Byelaws 2023 – Consultation Live (8th March 2023 to 20th April 2023)

The Draft Garff Dog Control Byelaws 2023 have now been published and have entered a six-week consultation period from the 8th of March 2023 to 20th of April 2023.

The draft Byelaws and a second document with supporting information can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted text.

Further clarification and information can be obtained from the Commissioners’ office at 35 New Road, Laxey, IM4 7BG or via admin@garff.im.


The following Notice will be issued through a range of media outlets and social media platforms:

Garff Parish District Commissioners hereby gives notice that it has prepared draft dog control byelaws following liaison with the Department of Infrastructure Local Government Unit and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The Commission now seeks the views of the population of Garff District (Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold) on the draft byelaws which are due to be brought before Tynwald in due course.

Copies of the draft Byelaws are available to view as follows: –

The Commissioners website https://www.garff.im

• In person at the Commissioners’ Office, 35 New Road, Laxey IM4 7BG between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday inclusive.
• Copies can also be requested and sent by post or email by contacting the Commissioners’ Office.
• The Commissioners will consider any submissions made in writing regarding the byelaws no later than 12.00pm on Thursday 20th April 2023.

Submissions should be clearly marked with the title “Garff Dog Control Byelaws 2023” and sent for the attention of:

Martin Royle
Deputy Clerk
Garff Parish District Commissioners
35 New Road

Or by email to admin@garff.im




Garff Commissioners set the Local Authority’s Rate at 168p for the Coming Financial Year

Garff Commissioners have announced hat its local authority rate for the forthcoming financial year will be set at 168p, an increase of 10.5% from the current rate of 152p. The Fixed Refuse Charge will rise to £189 from the current £171.

For an average Garff property with a rateable value of 164p the rise equates to around £3.68 a month – for those paying on a monthly basis it is equivalent to £44.13 over the full year.

The budget that the Board has approved reflects the significant increases in inflation experienced during the current year and anticipates a similar level of inflation in the coming period.

The December 2022 CPI inflation figure was 7.4% and clearly this has caused pressure on the resources of the local authority as on all public and private organisations.

It is the view of the Board that the budget they have agreed will ensure the financial integrity of the local authority going forward and will also allow the current level of services provided to continue to be maintained and developed for the benefit of ratepayers.

In addition to inflationary pressures, many of the Authorities costs are beyond the control of the Board. Some charges such as the EfW tipping fees are set by central government, whilst others charges, such as levies for the civic amenity sites are set externally by separate committees. Directly contracted service charges such as the refuse collection, hedge-cutting, and road-sweeping services are set by either negotiation or tender.

Please note: the Commissioners have also been advised that Manx Utilities will be raising their water and sewerage charges by 10%. These figures also appear on the Treasury Rate Demand which will be issued in May, but monies collected for these services are paid directly to Manx Utilities by Treasury.

A18 Mountain Road Closure and consequent Parking Restrictions on New Road, Laxey

The DoI are proposing two periods of closure of the A18 Mountain Road in April 2023 for enhancements to the TT Course.

The proposed parking restrictions will be between 3rd – 8th April and 11th – 28th April (with a contingency to go to 5th May in case of bad weather, etc).

The restrictions will result in heavier traffic on the full A2 from Ballure down to past the Liverpool Arms in Garff. This will affect our residential areas such as at Glen Mona and through Laxey Village to Baldrine. New Road will have parking restrictions at ‘rush-hour’ times.

The Department are requesting views on these matters at the moment.

The Commissioners have opposed parking restrictions on New Road in the past. If the proposals do go ahead, they plan to deploy their own speed indictor in Glen Mona, Baldrine, request enforcement by the Roads Policing Unit, and monitor and report driver behaviour as much as resources allow.

Latest Garff Planning (to be reviewed at meeting on 04.01.23).

22/01493/B Inglenook Fairy Cottage Laxey
Demolition and rebuilding of existing single storey outlet.

22/01526/B Sea Dawn Ballaragh Road Laxey Isle Of Man IM4 7PN
Erection of a poly tunnel for domestic use.

22/01506/B 7 Lower Cronk Orry Minorca Hill Laxey Isle Of Man IM4 7EG
2 storey extension to side of property to form new Family room with en-suite bathroom over.

22/01510/B Bronwyn Ballafayle Maughold
Erection of canopy to create covered walkway over existing external steps and replacement and additional doors and windows to basement floor.

22/01511/B Ardane (previously Known As Croit Ny Cabbyl) Ballamenagh Road Baldrine.
Construction of a garage block and alterations to the existing property including a replacement entrance porch, the removal of the conservatory, a secondary porch, a dormer window, and two chimneys along with alterations to the existing openings, replacement windows, and new external cladding and render finishes to the elevations.

22/01514/B Maughold Church Maughold
Replace existing east glazed screen with new glazed screen which incorporates ventilation to reduce damp build up inside the shelter.

Laxey Promenade Shelter – Statement and Images 16.11.22

The Commissioners have continued to work on the detail of their plans for improvements and refurbishments to the Public Shelter on Laxey Promenade in recent months As a matter of courtesy, the Board have recently met with the tenant and Manager of the kiosk to brief them on the plans. Consequently, the Board are now in a position to make these details available to the public (please see the first image which illustrates these plans).

The Commissioners’ auditors had requested that the Commissioners take steps to clarify the status of the Public Shelter. This was partly to clarify insurance liability but was also to make clear that the shelter was a space that could be entered freely into and enjoyed by all at any time.
The tenant of the kiosk has been offered the option of a licence to make use of the area immediately in front of the kiosk entrance (indicated by the green line in the second image). The land they wish to license to the tenant has a total area of 21 square metres.
It is worth noting that there has never been any lease issued to any party to use the Public Shelter space. There was, however, an informal statement made by Laxey Commissioners in 2008 in response to a question from the tenant. This stated that customers of the kiosk could consume refreshments purchased from the kiosk in the Public Shelter. The Commissioners continue to have no objection to customers of the kiosk making full use of the public facility. This is an aspect that the Board welcomes and encourages.


It should also be noted that it is the responsibility of the Board to proceed in a way that assures the public that their decisions have not been influenced by any bias, prejudice, or conflict of interest that may arise.

Summary of works being undertaken
1. The Commissioners will be installing furniture throughout the Public Shelter, and on the three metre wide apron in front of the building. The tables and seating will be installed, and available at all times during the year; including when the kiosk is closed. The tables will include spaces to provide wheelchair access. They will be painted in a colour that will be determined in due course. These proposals are illustrated in the image.
2. As can be seen a concrete ramp will be installed to make access possible for everybody. The railings will be coloured to assist those with sight impairments. The railings to be installed are DDA compliant. The design of the ramp shown here is indicative and another configuration may be installed to provide the necessary access to the public facility.
3. Six small stacking lockers will be installed as shown in the third image. These will take up minimal floor space (65cm wide x 46cm deep).
4. As the illustration shows, barriers will be installed to mark out the frontage of the public shelter and demarcate the tabled area immediately behind. These will be in the same style and finish as the ramp railings.
5. The Public Shelter will be painted throughout as part of the refurbishments and a Wi-Fi access point will be provided. Other improvements will be made including new information signage which will be installed for the benefit of visitors to Laxey and Garff as well as forming an information point which will be used to promote local businesses.
6. The Commissioners’ cleaning contractor has been engaged to regularly clean the Public Shelter. In addition, the tenant may wish to continue cleaning the tables if they feel that this is in the commercial interest of the business – the Commissioners have no objection to this being undertaken.
7. Following on from the success of recent events with Manx Wildlife Trust, a programme of themed events will be scheduled into the Spring and Summer season of 2023. These will use the Public Shelter as a base for the activities. Full details of this programme will be announced in due course.
It is anticipated that the Public Shelter will be partially closed for short periods whilst the accessibility ramp is under construction and while the other planned works take place. The Commissioners will programme all the works to fit in with the kiosk’s winter opening schedule. This will minimise disruption to the business, its customers, and to other members of the Public who wish to access the Public Shelter.