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16/00960/B Land Adjacent to Ellan Vannin, Laxey Road, Baldrine, Erection of a new dwelling.

Amended plan submitted.

17/00241/B Thie Vooinjer Veg, Croit E Quill Road, Erection of an extension and creation of an extended dormer. Amended Plan submitted.

17/00381/B La Mona Lisa Restaurant, Glen Road, Laxey, Installation of 1.8 m gate.

Amended plan submitted.

17/00539/B Ballacoar Farm, Ballagawne Road, Baldrine, Erection of agricultural building.
17/00543/B Purt ny Shee, Ballacollister Heights, Laxey, Alterations and erection of an extension.


17/00589/B Deepdale Complex, Glen Road, Laxey, Replacement of existing windows and doors with new dark colour UPVC units.


17/00593/B Trafalgar, Rencell Hill, Infilling of balcony over garage to provide sheltered accommodation.