Covid-19 Helpline for residents in Laxey, Lonan, & Maughold

Residents of Maughold, Lonan, & Laxey

If you are self isolating or need advice. If you know someone who’s is self-isolating and needs help in any way, then call 474747

This will get you through to the ‘Laxey Helpline’. If this is busy please call Garff Commissioners on 861241, they will also assist with practical help or advice.

The volunteers and the Commissioners are particularly keen to hear from any Members of the community whose friends or family are unable to assist them at this difficult time. (full details in the leaflet below).

2020 Summer Events in Garff Cancelled or Under Review

2020 Garff Events
For obvious reasons several events across the Sheading will not be going ahead this year.
Laxey Fair has been cancelled, as has the Duck Race, ‘Prash Laxaa.The Great Laxey Brass Band Festival’. The fledgling ‘Summer Concert Series’ is also looking unlikely.
Maughold Parish Social Club advise that a decision on Maughold’s Parish Day scheduled for July 18th 2020 will be made in the coming weeks.
For 2020, Laxey Central and Laxey Lifeline have become a great source for live entertainment – take a scroll down their pages for some great local music!

02.04.20 Covid-19 Update: Please assist our Refuse Contractors

Consultation with the Commissioners’ Refuse Collection contractor, Kinrade Bros. Haulage, has been ongoing since the beginning of the current Coronavirus situation.As a consequence of meetings yesterday, this update and request for assistance is being issued to residents:

– Reducing direct staff contact with waste materials –
The aim of the following measures is to ensure that the roundsmen are able to mechanically ‘tip’ the maximum amount of waste. This will reduce the amount of times they are asked to come into direct hand-contact with waste bags and materials.
The principal refuse vehicles have remote ‘tipping’ facilities, whilst properties in remote areas (or areas with narrow lanes, etc.) are serviced by a much smaller vehicle which does not have ‘tip’ facilities. This means that staff have to handle the waste by hand.

Please note the following if you live in a property serviced by the small vehicle:1. It is vital that your all your refuse is enclosed in bags that are sturdy and fit for purpose. Please continue to bag securely and ensure that the bags are tied firmly and not punctured. It would assist further if double-bagging occurred.
2. For the duration of the current emergency some residents may be approached and asked to leave their wheelie-bin beside a road that can be accessed by a ‘tipping’ vehicle. This action will reduce the amount of ‘hand-contact’ that the roundsmen have with waste-bags.

– Side Waste will not be collected –
3. The Commissioners have instructed the contractor that they must not pick up side-bags or side-waste from beside wheelie-bins. If side-waste is put out it will not be collected, however a note will be left explaining that the waste can be placed into the newly emptied wheelie-bin by the resident prior to it being collected the following week.

– Wheelie-bin handles & lids –
4. Please clean your bin’s handles with disinfectant/anti-bacterial products prior to and post collection.
5. The Commissioners request that residents ensure that lids on Wheelie-bins are fully down prior to collection.

– Ensuring the current service continues —
All these actions are intended to safeguard the well-being of the roundsmen so that refuse collection can remain resilient and continue as normal throughout this very difficult period.
There are other contingencies that will be put into place if necessary, but the current provision is clearly the best option for delivery of this essential service through the coming weeks and months.

The Commissioners are acutely aware of the pressures, particularly on larger households, but request that every effort is made to compact refuse so that lids are down and wheelie bins do not overflow. Further contingency measures are also being discussed across the local authority and government networks.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

The Commissioners thank you in anticipation of your assistance at this time.

Public Advice Coronovirus or Covid-19 16.03.20

The Chief Minister has announced restrictions for those travelling to the Island as well as cancellation of this year’s TT. Those arriving on the Island after midnight on the 17th of March must now ensure that they self-isolate for 14 days.

Click on the following link: for the latest Information issued by Government.

In terms of Local Authority planning, the Commissioners have met with their H&S Consultant today to review their Business Continuity Plan.
High on the Agenda was consideration of measures to safeguard and assist residents at the Sheltered Housing Complex at Cooil Roi. The Authority’s Housing Manager outlined the actions that had already been actioned, as well as the staged response that will be made if the public health situation worsens.

In addition, to ensure continuity of the Authority’s core operations, staff will only be attending essential meetings from 13.03.20. It is vital that the Commissioners’ Statutory Meetings continue regularly, however, following advice from our H&S consultant, there may be changes to the way in which the meetings are structured and run. It is anticipated that an announcement will be made in this regard on Tuesday 17th March.

For further information, please contact the Commissioners on 861241 or via email

Cancellation of Commissioners Meeting 18.03.20

Following the recent measures introduced by Government to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the decision has been taken to cancel tomorrow evening’s Board meeting, Wednesday 18th March, and defer agenda items to 1st April.

We have contacted the Planning Officer reference additional information requested in respect of the Sewerage Plant and have been advised they are some way off being able to determine the application.

Further announcements will be made in due course.

Public Advice Coronovirus or Covid-19 14.03.20

The latest information for the public in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic is available on the government website. Click on the following link: Information issued by Government indicates that there have been no cases of the virus on the Island to date (13.03.20).

As a precaution, however, the Commissioners have revised their ‘Business Continuity Plan’ to ensure that essential services, such as refuse collection, are maintained should a situation develop. Following Governmental advice they are enacting and considering a range of measures, some of which are being implemented from 13.03.20.

The measures already in place include appropriate additional staff training, revised working methods for staff/contractors, and information bulletins to the Commissioners.

As a further precaution to ensure continuity of the Authority’s core operations, staff will only be attending essential meetings from 13.03.20.

The measures now implemented also include more frequent, deep cleaning of our public conveniences, as well as signage advising on the use of the facilities.

It is important to monitor the situation and other actions will be implemented as necessary. All actions will be proportionate and taken following the advice of Government and Public Health Officials.

A further meeting with the Authority’s H&S consultant will take place on Tuesday 17th March.

Sewage Treatment Proposal for Laxey – Provisonal Date for Public Meeting (03.03.20, Laxey Pavilion)

Advanced Notice for information:

Subject to full confirmation, the public meeting facilitated by the Commissioners in regard to the sewage treatment plant planning application at the Cairns Site has now been scheduled.
The provisional date is Tuesday 3rd of March, in the large room at the Pavilion in the Glen Gardens at 7.00 pm. This may be subject to change. Full confirmation will be issued early next week.
Keep updated on Garff Commissioners FB site, www.garff,im and through media outlets such as Manx Radio, Energy FM, 3FM, Isle of Man Newspapers, etc.
The planning application submitted by MU can be viewed via the link below, or in hard copy at Garff Commissioners Office, 35 New Road, Laxey. Tel Martin or Pete on 861241 for further details. Email:
Link to planning application:

Garff Political Surgeries 2020

Political surgeries will take place across the full Garff Tynwald constituency during 2020.

Dates in Laxey are as follows:

January 11th      10.30 am  to midday Commissioners’ Office, 35 New Road, Laxey.

July 25th            10.30 am to midday  Commissioners’ Office, 35 New Road, Laxey.

November 7th   10.30 am to midday Commissioners’ Office, 35 New Road, Laxey.

There will be additional political surgeries at the following locations:

March 7th        10.30 am – midday Glen Mona Hotel.

May 6th           5.00 pm – 6.00 pm Archibald Knox Public House Meeting Room , Onchan.

October 3rd    12.00 – 1.00 pm       Archibald Knox Public House Meeting Room, Onchan

Both MHKs and a Commissioner will be in attendance at the meetings.