The elected members of Garff Commissioners are listed below.

There are nine positions on the Board of Garff Commissioners, three each for the wards of Lonan Parish, Maughold Parish and Laxey Village.

Seven members were elected in April 2016 in a general election and will serve for a term of four years.

For the municipal year 2016/17, the Commissioners have been assigned the following roles:

Municipal Association – Robert Moughtin, Liam Miller
Laxey & Lonan Heritage Trust – Nigel, Dobson, Peter Kinnish
Laxey & Lonan Sports and Community Facilities – Nigel Dobson, Liam Miller
Northern Traffic Management Liaison Committee – Julie Pinson
Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team Community Partnership meeting – Anyone to attend as and when required.
Regeneration Committee – Julie Pinson, Liam Miller.
Eastern Civic Amenity Site Joint Committee – Nigel Dobson.
Northern Civic Amenity Site – John Quayle
Northern Swimming Pool Board – John Quayle.
Northern Area Housing steering group – Marinda Fargher
Northern Sheltered Housing Committee – Marinda Fargher
Eastern Area Housing steering group – Nigel Dobson
Waste Management Steering Group – Nigel Dobson.

Commissioners’ Meetings
Garff Commissioners hold their annual meeting in public on the first Wednesday of May each year. Throughout the rest of the year meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, with a further meeting on the third Wednesday of each month if required. The meetings start at 7.00pm and are held in the Boardroom at  Commissioners Offices on New Road.

The public are very welcome to attend the public session of the meetings to observe proceedings.

Nigel Dobson

Chair of Commissioners (Lonan ward)

63 Ballachrink Drive,

Tel: 215515

Marinda Fargher

Commissioner (Maughold ward)

Oban Cottage,
Glen Mona.

Tel: 861039

Robert Moughtin

Vice Chairman of Commissioners (Maughold ward)

Rhenab Cottage,
Rhenab Road,

Tel: 471466

John Quayle

Commissioner (Maughold ward)

35 Queens Drive West,

Tel: 480532

Liam Miller

Commissioner (Laxey ward)

Holly Bank,
Upper Rencell Hill,

Tel: 339365

Julie Pinson

Commissioner (Laxey ward)

Croit e Quill Road,

Tel: 437869

Peter Kinnish

Commissioner (Laxey ward)

Nyn Ayrn,
Old Laxey Hill,

Tel: 496597

Pete Burgess

Clerk to Garff Commissioners

Commissioners’ Office,
35 New Road,
Laxey IM4 7BG

Phone: 01624 861241

Julie Peel

Manager - Cooil Roi Sheltered Housing

Cooil Roi Housing Complex
Glen Road
Laxey  IM4 7NU

Tel: 862307


Martin Royle

Deputy Clerk


Tel: 861241