Garff Commissioners have agreed to freeze the overall rate in the Sheading for the third consecutive year.

Chairman of the Commissioners, Nigel Dobson, said, “When the proposal to combine the three authorities of Laxey, Lonan and Maughold was agreed, the aim was to provide a better service at improved value for money to the ratepayer. Although there were initial costs in combining the authorities we were able to freeze the rate last year and with the economies we have been able to make over the last year or so, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to do so again.

During the course of the last two years the authority has increased the level of services it provides and over the coming year has planned a range of further services which includes resources to assist the DOI in keeping public rights of way clear. We have also seen an RPI increase of 4.5% and an increase in charges at the energy from waste plant but due to the efforts of our officers these additional costs can be absorbed while at the same time maintaining our reserves”.

This will be the third year of the rates equalisation process agreed under the Garff Order so ratepayers in Lonan and Maughold will see a small increase in their rate while the residents of Laxey will see a corresponding reduction. The overall rate income to the Authority remains at 2016/17 levels.

Robert Moughtin

It is with great sadness that the Commissioners have to report the passing of Robert “Bobby” Moughtin.

Robert served on Maughold and latterly Garff Commissioners for over 12 years and had a great wealth of knowledge of politics, both locally and nationally; enabling him to participate in discussions and represent his constituents at all levels. His time with the Commissioners included several terms as Chairman; a role he undertook with great pride and commitment.

Robert played a very active part in the life of Maughold Parish and Garff Sheading throughout the years, but also participated more widely through his involvement with committees such as the Isle of Man Municipal Association and the Whitley Council; the commitment, positive sense of purpose, and integrity he brought to all of the roles he undertook was always very much appreciated by colleagues. Robert was also a member of the committee of Maughold Parish Social Club and would often be seen working hard and enthusiastically at events such as Parish Day or Hop Tu Naa.

Perhaps his proudest political achievement was gained from the prominent role he played in negotiations to bring about the amalgamation of Laxey, Lonan and Maughold into the new Garff Authority; his view was that such a body would keep the Sheading together and still maintain the character of the individual parish and village areas.

Robert was instrumental in many projects undertaken in Maughold and Garff including several initiatives to increase recycling in the Sheading, and through his close participation in negotiations to have services such as hedge-cutting and gulley cleaning transferred from central government. In recent times, Robert had chaired the Committee charged with overseeing the transfer of the Northern Civic Amenity Site into local authority control, his leadership ensuring that the transition was conducted smoothly and very successfully.

Many tributes to Robert have been received from political organisations across the Island; these will be passed on to his family in due course.

The Chairman of Garff Commissioners, Nigel Dobson, commented that “the many achievements Robert made in his political life stand as a testament to his extensive contribution to local and national politics.  It is to be hoped that his family will find comfort from knowing how greatly he was appreciated and admired by colleagues in Garff and across the Island. He will be greatly missed.”

The heartfelt thoughts and prayers of the Members and Officers of Garff Commissioners are with his family at this sad time.

Mrs Hazel Lace, Captain of the Parish of Maughold

The Commissioners were very sad to be informed of the passing of Mrs Hazel Lace, Captain of the Parish of Maughold, on the 24th of December. Hazel was very well known island-wide, but was held in particular affection in Maughold due to her involvement with, and dedication to, the local community.
Hazel became Captain of the Parish in 2004, and was also a member on Maughold Commissioners for over twenty two years; representing the parish politically, at civic events, and on ceremonial occasions.
Hazel had a great influence on many aspects of parish life. In particular, she was the inspiration behind the project to develop the Dhoon Arboretum as a memorial garden and a quiet place for personal reflection. She was also a leading light, along with Sir Charles Kerruish, in the reinvigoration of Maughold Social Club which continues to thrive to this day.
Hazel will be remembered with great fondness by the residents of Maughold; a service to celebrate her life will take place at Maughold Parish Church this Friday the 12th of January at 2.00 pm.

Christmas and New Year Refuse Collections in Garff

Christmas and New Year Refuse Collections in Laxey, Lonan & Maughold!

Refuse collections due on Monday 25th December will be carried out 2 days early…..on Saturday 23rd December.

Collections due on 1st January will also be 2 days early on Saturday 30th December.

All other rounds will be carried out on the normal days.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018!



Garff Refuse Collection in Baldrine Today – 8th of December.

Part of the refuse collection service in Lonan has been suspended this morning as the winter weather worsened.
Much of the the usual Friday round has been reached, but areas such as Baldrine Road, Highfield Drive, Baldrine Park, The Crescent, and outlying areas in Lonan will be serviced as soon as conditions ease.
The situation will be reviewed at mid-day to determine if it is safe to complete the round this afternoon. In the meantime, please keep your wheelie bins out this afternoon or in the next few days as soon as the roads are safe enough for the refuse vehicle to operate.
The Commissioners request that residents in Maughold, put their wheelie bins out on Sunday evening ready for collection on Monday morning as usual.

Any further changes will be notified on this site, but please email the office or telephone on 861241 or 422148 if further information is required.

Proposed Laxey Sewage Treatment Works – Update received.

Manx Utilities have completed the purchase of land at the ‘Cairns’, Breezehill, Laxey with a view to installing a sewage treatment facility for the Laxey catchment area. A site for a treatment facility in Baldrine is also being sought in order that the sewage which flows out into Garwick Bay can be treated. Manx Utilities have issued no firm completion dates at this stage, but it is anticipated that both facilities will be operational in the next 2/3 years.

In Laxey, Manx Utilities are undertaking a variety of tests in order to establish the size and precise location of the new Sewage Treatment Facility at the ‘Cairns’ site.
It is probable that this facility will be an RBC type that makes use of the existing sea outfall which currently carries raw sewage from the catchment area into Laxey Bay.
A ‘Flow Survey’ of all sewage pipes across the catchment area is under way. Information from this survey will confirm the flows in dry-weather and storm flow scenarios.
Tenders have been issued for coastal dispersion modelling in Laxey and Garwick bays. Manx Utilities expect to commence the dispersion modelling this month; it is likely to take about 6 months (weather dependent for deployment and retrieval of seabed monitors).
A designer for the new Laxey STW will be appointed during January 2018. Outline design is likely to take about 3-4 months, and at that point Manx Utilities advise they will be consulting with the Commissioners and Public to review the design concepts. Manx Utilities advise that they will listen and respond to any concerns before embarking on the detailed design. Screening will be a particular area that will be discussed at the consultation stage.
A geotechnical survey will be taking place at the ‘Cairns’ site in mid- December (around the 12th) which will include CAT scanning, the digging of inspection pits, as well as the installation of piping for groundwater and gas monitoring.

Due to the acquisition of the site, the primary focus is on the Laxey catchment at the moment, but the Commissioners will continue to encourage Manx Utilities to make progress with the proposed facility at Garwick

(The picture shows an image of the Commissioners and Daphne Caine MHK on a visit to view the RBC site in Kirk Michael).